Best Bicycle Under 200 Dollars: Design, Construction And Style

Are you looking to buy the best bicycle under 200 dollars? But are having a tough time deciding which model you should go ahead with? Allow us to help. Bicycles come in various specialized formats. There are road bikes, touring bikes, cyclocross bikes, adventure bikes, time trial bikes, fitness bikes, mountain bikes, fixed gear bikes, hybrid bikes and many more. Each is designed to suit a specific purpose.


The Best Bicycle Under 200 Dollars: Quick Comparison Table





Vilano Aluminum Commuter Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c

Lightweight aluminum frame.

Free pedals included.

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Sixthreezero Around the Block Men's Cruiser Bike

Classic, curvy men's beach cruiser bicycle.

19-inch durable steel frame.

Aluminum wheels.

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Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

High-tensile strength steel frame.

All of the components required for a smooth ride.

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Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Single speed cruiser bike.

Simple pedal backward coaster brake.

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Huffy Nel Lusso Women's 26" Cruiser Bike, Gloss Blue

Alloy rims for all-weather performance.

Classic fenders keep rider dry.

Padded saddle seat.

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How To Choose The Best Bicycle For Your Needs

If you intend to buy a bike to perform stunts on it, opt for a BMX bike which is smaller and sturdier. If you want a bike you can ride on a trail as well as use to cruise around the city – choose a hybrid bike. Its front suspension enables you to ride out bumps in unpaved trails, and comfortable seating permits you to spend hours paddling around the city streets.

Once you know what kind of bike you’d like, you can set about narrowing down your options. If you have a budget of about $200, you shouldn’t have a problem landing yourself a good bike.

We will be discussing some of the better-performing bicycles under this budget in this article. Read on to find out which bikes give you the best bang for your buck.

Best Bike On The Budget

In order to find out the best bicycle under 200, you must specify if you want a bike specially tailored for your gender or one that prioritizes your budget most. So, you can search for the best cheap road bike under 200 or best men’s bikes under 200, best women’s bikes under 200 and so on. Let’s look at some offerings from different categories below.

Best Commuter Bikes Under 200

Commuter bikes are a cheap and environment-friendly way to get around. You don’t have to needlessly worry about finding a car parking space or spending exorbitantly on petrol/diesel. Finding a commuter bike within this budget is not much of a task.

Here is a list of the top-rated models on offer:

  • Vilano Aluminum Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c
  • Kent Avondale Men’s Hybrid Bicycle 700c
  • Critical Cycles Beaumont 7 Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter Bike

Best Mountain Bikes Under 200

Mountain bikes under 200 boasts of the same features found in more expensive variants. So if you have $200 to spare and want to buy yourself a good mountain bike, you won’t be disappointed. Some of your options for this budget range are:

  • Stowabike 26” MTB V2
  • Schwinn Men’s High Timber
  • Kent Thruster KZ2600

Reviews Of The Best Bikes Under $200

1. Vilano Aluminum Commuter Road Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c


The Vilano commuter bike is a great bicycle to buy under $200. It has a simple design that won’t put off entry-level cyclists or beginners. It is fast and lightweight an can be used comfortably to ride on different sorts of pavement surfaces. Also, it has a water bottle mount to carry that much-needed hydration when you’re cycling about town.

Its 21 gears facilitate the rider to ride it smoothly at any speed with a place on its behind to install a rear rack.


  • High-pressure tires that can deftly ride over tricky surfaces.
  • Drop handlebars that will minimize air resistance.


  • The brakes on it are not very high in quality
  • The tires too could be much better

2. Sixthreezero Around the Block Men's Cruiser Bike


Sixthreezero (24-inch and 26-inch) is another excellent bicycle within the $200 price range. It is a cruiser bike for hassle-free casual riding. It is made up of a durable steel frame.

The foam grips on the handlebars are extremely comfortable. Its wide wheels and tires enable a smooth ride. You don’t need to worry about accidents with its pedal backward coaster brake which enable swift stopping. A rear rack is provided to install a basket, if you so desire.


  • Dual-spring seat for comfortable long rides.
  • Chain guards that keep pant cuffs from getting caught.
  • The bike’s upright riding style is easy on the back.


  • It doesn’t come pre-assembled.
  • The bearings are not very well-made.
  • The front wheel can feel wobbly.

3. Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed

Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike


This Track Bike with Pursuit Bullhorn Bars is hand built with a fixed gear single speed steel track frame.

Its subtle forward drop allows you to ride in any position of your choice. Added comfort comes in the form of bullhorn handlebars. The flip-flop hub in the rear wheel allows its rider to switch easily from fixed gear to single speed.

The bike is protected from accumulating moisture and dirt thanks to the bottom bracket. Water bottle mounts are also provided. Tools are provided for the easy installation and maintenance of the bike.

Its brakes and tires are perfect for cruising about the city. If you’re looking to buy a quality bike under $200, the Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike won’t let you down.


  • Sturdy main frame.
  • Comfortable handlebar grips.
  • Good-looking design.


  • Seat isn’t very comfortable for long rides.
  • Plastic paddles that may break easily.
  • No handlebar tapes.

4. Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle


Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser is another reliable cruiser bicycle which can be purchased for under $200. It is made of a durable steel frame and aluminum wheels.

Its white-wall balloon tires provide a comfortable riding experience and coaster brakes conveniently allow you to stop whenever you want.

Additionally, the bike’s seat comes furnished with dual springs and handlebars are cushioned with foam grips. It is a single-speed cruiser bike with no complicated gear systems and is suitable for riding in many environments, from the beach to the pavement. You can choose from a selection of colors.


  • Provides high functionality at affordable pricing.
  • Available in over 13 colors.


  • The bike is on the heavier side.
  • It can require frequent adjustments.

5. Huffy Nel Lusso Women's 26" Cruiser Bike, Gloss Blue


The "Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike" is an all-weather cruiser bicycle for women. Its handlebars have dual density grips for easy navigation. 

The classic fenders on it keep the rider dry. The saddle seat is padded and embroidered to add a feminine touch to the bike. It comes with a front basket and rear rack to carry all your belongings with you on the move.

The handlebar also offers a beverage holder. The bike enables easy seat adjustments and makes for a wonderful commuting choice for the woman on the move.


  • Padded spring saddle for a comfortable ride.
  • Ample storage space with front basket and rear rack


  • No facility for adjusting the brakes.
  • The bicycle can feel heavy.

Bicycle Brands Review

The bicycle brands we’ve handpicked are among some of the most popular bicycle manufacturers in the market. Let’s take a closer look at them below:

Vilano Bikes

Our first pick, the Aluminum Road Bike is from the house of Vilano. Vilano Bikes have been in service since 2008, churning out affordably-priced and quality bicycles since its inception.


The second bike on our list is from the brand, Sixthreezero, started its business from a garage in Hermosa Beach, CA in 2005. The founders envisioned a bike company that could get people thrilled about two-wheel travel. Quality, style, and comfort are the cornerstones Sixthreezero bicycles are built upon.

Critical Cycles

Critical Cycles, the manufacturing brand of our third selection is formed by an intimate team of innovators whose aim was to steer people away from their sedentary lifestyles and hop on to a bicycle.


Next on the list is a bicycle from Firmstrong. Firmstrong Bikes are designed after classic cruiser bikes which can handle a variety of riding environments. They seamlessly blend style and functionality and want to provide their customers with a riding experience as opposed to simply another mode of transportation. 

Huffy Bikes

A bicycle from Huffy rounds up our choices of bicycles under $200. Huffy is an established brand over 125 years old. Their bikes are innovated to provide riders with a funfilled experience.

Bikes Comparison

Most of the bicycles we’ve picked are cruiser bikes. Cruiser bikes generally combine balloon tires, an upward seating position, single and multi-speed, basic steel frame, and style. These bicycles are perfect for the casual rider who does not mind the slow speed that is characteristic of these bikes. Primarily designed for being used on paved roads, they make perfect city bikes, dependable for riding moderate distances.

Only one of the bicycles is a track bicycle. A track bicycle, unlike a cruiser bicycle, offers speed. It is most suitable for racing at an outdoor track.

If you plan to buy a bicycle to ride around in the city, you are recommended to opt for a cruiser bike over a track bicycle. However, if you want a bicycle that allows you to participate in races, choose a track bike. 

Once you’ve figured out what you’ll be using your bicycle for, it is time to ask where you will be riding it. The Vilano Aluminum Road Bike from Vilano is conducive to riding on different pavement surfaces.

The Critical Cycles Track Bike is a perfect fit for riding about the city. However, if you want to ride a bike along the beach and other such environments, you should probably pick the Firmstrong bicycle offering.

The next important question to ask yourself will be how much distance or how long do you plan to ride the bicycle. You will need comfortable seating and handle grips to facilitate long rides.

The Vilano and Critical Cycles models do not score very high on comfort, and you’d do best to give them a miss if you intend to ride any further than a few blocks in your neighborhood. You don’t want to end up with a butt sore.

Lastly, how much storage space will you need? Will a rear rack suffice or will you need a basket up front too? Do you need a bottle-holder or can you make do without one? The bicycles from Huffy, Critical Cycles and Vilano offer beverage holders. The Sixthreezero, Vilano and Huffy models also provide ample storage space.

If you want a bicycle that isn’t very heavy, don’t go for the Firmstrong or Huffy picks. They tend to be on the heavier side.

Critical Cycles and Firmstrong bicycles are the clear lookers among our list. So if the bike’s external appearance is a criterion for you, they win.


Will I need to get it assembled from someone or can I do it myself?

Most of these bicycles will come half-assembled. You will be provided clear instruction manuals to help you assemble the rest. It won’t be much of a problem. 

How much weight can by bicycle carry?

Since most of these bicycles are cruisers, they can carry your grocery/books with ease. Don’t risk carrying anything heavier than your poodle.

How tall do I need to be to ride this bike?

All of the bicycles discussed will comfortably suit a person between 5-6ft of height. 

Conclusion & Best Offer

So, which bicycle should you pick among these? I suggest you choose the Vilano Aluminum Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c. It is fast and lightweight for a speedy commute. There is enough storage space by way of the rear rack and bottle holder. You can ride it over different paved surfaces. It has a simple and straightforward design.

Best Offer

While the brakes and tires on it could be a tad better, for a bicycle under $200, the Vilano Aluminum Commuter Bike is a dream. It is durable and won’t have you running to the mechanic for adjustments. With its 21 gears you can ride it at any speed you’d like. It may not be very comfortable for longer rides, but it makes for a dependable bicycle for casual riders running errands about town. The bike isn’t very high on the style quotient, but its quality makes up for it. Also, it is extremely affordable.

Still confused about which bicycle you should choose? Trust us. The Vilano Aluminum Bike Shimano 21 Speed 700c stands a class apart in price and performance. You can close your eyes and make your purchase. You won’t regret it.

The Alternative

The valid alternative is the Firmstrong Urban Men Beach Cruiser Bicycle. We can motivate this choice only by looking at its modern design, but also with a retro touch. Suitable for all routes, it is available in 14 colors.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle